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7R Master - Hartmann New Piece De Resistance Made of The Finest Aluminium
Hartmann, a brand with a proud heritage of the finest craftsmanship, launches the 79 Master, a real masterpiece that will conquer its place amongst the classics. Made of the finest aluminum, this material is perfect for people who favor to combine the highest durability and protection with luxury. Like prestigious leather, aluminum becomes more beautiful over time, giving it a wonderful appearance and even more character the longer you use it.
Men and women seeking timeless body and elegance will love the 7R Master. With the highest attention to details, this product is a real must-have for all who value manual skills and craftsmanship.
The leader handles, rich interior, customized details in rivets and wheels, and the unique design with irregular, customized ribs give that extra luxury touch. With more than 250 steps needed to create one suitcase, connoisseurs of design classics will instantly see the uniqueness of this product. The collection is available as a Spinner 55, 70 and 80, and comes in stunning Quartz and Rose Gold.
The Making of the 7R Master
Selecting the Material
Carefully selected from preeminent suppliers, only the finest and most durable aluminium is chosen.
Preparing the Tools
Proficiently-constructed craftsman tools are used to form our perfectly designed shells, including the mold for our 7R Master design.
Making the Unique Shell
Our shells are sculpted by applying intense pressure to the aluminium sheet.
Forming the Precise Frame
Blending the latest generation technology with skilled craftsmanship, the frame is contoured into shape.
A Polished Surface
Each shell is polished manually to ensure a strikingly stunning surface.
Wheels Keep on Turning
To ensure precise rotation, each multi-bearing wheel is checked and assembled by hand.
Fixed Firmly by the Finest Decor
To give each case a signature look, customized Hartmann rivets are created to bond different elements.
Lining the Inside
Various ports of the inside lining ore put together to ensure uniformity in the interior.
Adding Excellence
As a symbol of excellence, the Hartmann logo completes the signature look.
Inserting the Interior
The interior is fixed to each suitcase by hand.
The Finishing Touch
Each case is checked to ensure it meets stringent quality standards, and then polished and labeled.
Tests, Tests and more Tests
Before going into production, each Hartmann product undergoes extensive and strict crash and water tests so it will withstand the harshest conditions.

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