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Big Bang Broderie
A New Icon is Born. The Art of Fusion with a Feminine Touch
The much praised inimitable character and technological excellence of Big Bang have made it the ultimate symbol of fusion. The brand has become the showcase for the run-away creativity that is the essence of Swiss manufacturer Hublot. A philosophy of luxury freed from the established codes. The two new limited-series Big Bang 41 MM Broderie Sugar Skull and Big Bang 41 MM Broderie, presented at the 2016 Geneva Show, bear witness to this ideology. They blend confident femininity with innovation at its peak and, for the second year running, consecrate Saint-Gallen embroidery on organza silk. A new icon is born. Accompanying women for whom independence is a question of style and a state of mind.
Hublot is ever at the forefront of research into the latest hi-tech materials and guardian of traditional expertise. It acts as a bridge between a past that bears the traces of the most talented watchmakers and a future nourished on visionary artistic concepts—testing with mastery all the realms of the possible. With Hublot, there are no limits to innovation. It is the company's reason for being. The Big Bang is the unrivalled icon of fusion; the brand was born to break established codes and over time has demonstrated its ability to create exclusivity. Having incorporated composite resin, carbon and ceramic, invented Magic Gold and borrowed denim, the basic essential from our wardrobes, as part of its watchmaking proposals... in 2015, Hublot has freed embroidered silk organza from the fixed notions and the traditional ideas that had held it for so long. The Swiss manufacturer has taken the craft away from haute couture, fashion and lingerie and used it to adorn its Big Bang. On the strap and the dial, but not only. In 2015, for the first time in the history of watchmaking, "encased" in carbon fibre, the embroidered web-like material acts as a shell to form the dial and the carbon bezel of the watch. The execution of this technical prowess required several years of research and development. This first Big Bang Broderie is a symbol of confident femininity and glamour, blending two forms of Swiss expertise, which won the prestigious Ladies' Watch Prize at the 2015 Geneva Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie.
The Fusion of Two Swiss Crafts
Taking the Art of Fusion to its peak, when confirming its desire to take embroidery away from its traditional bonds and offering it a new identity, Hublot naturally turned to the master of Swiss embroidery: Bischoff. The Swiss firm Bischoff is at the cutting edge of innovation, performance and creativity, and has earned international renown as a major player in the field. In 2014, it won awards in the lingerie category with the prestigious title of Designer of the year at the Paris Capitale de la Création trade fair. Bischoff's master craftsmen prepared the silk organza embroidery of floral arabesques that subtly reveal the skull motif for the dial in their workshops in Saint-Gallen, near Zurich.
And Hublot… Created the Big Bang Broderie
If “God… created woman”, then Hublot created the Big Bang Broderie for her!
As an inexhaustible source of inspiration, the embroidery of Saint-Gall is transposed into the art of fusion to reveal all of its modernity and creative potential for the second consecutive year with Big Bang for two new limited series: the Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull 41MM and the Big Bang Broderie 41MM, each of which comes in three runs of 200 pieces.
Turquoise, navy blue, pale pink, fuchsia, yellow, orange, violet… lit with Lurex threads, silver or gold, or taking its inspiration from the lines on the catwalks for the 2016 season, the skull motif, with 11 red spinels, and the arabesques on the strap create bold associations of colours. A remarkable exercise in style that is given its value by the power and the simplicity of its (41 MM) case adorned in black ceramic with a bezel enhanced by 36 red spinels, the purity of the steel enlivened by 36 pink sapphires or the cat’s eye effect of the red gold highlighted by 36 blue sapphires. Echoing the bezel, the dial is graduated with 12 precious stones, red spinels for the ceramic, pink sapphires for the steel and blue sapphires for the red gold.
This year, ceramic, steel and yellow gold join the Big Bang Broderie’s wardrobe. The web-like material, embroidered in black or silver Lurex affixed on glossy silk, black for the ceramic, silver for the steel, golden for the yellow gold, sensually evocative and subtly erotic, could almost be fine lingerie sumptuously adjusted to the body. The magic comes from prolonging the lace pattern from the dial to the bezel.
The Dial, A Result of Innovation and Increasingly Advanced Technology
In defiance of the laws of finesse, the dial offers a particularly reduced working thickness so that the hands and the embroidered pattern do not touch. Based on carbon material, special layered sheets of carbon fibre, coated in a transparent resin, make it possible to compress the embroidery whilst magnifying the pattern and adding an illusion of depth. Enhanced by this optical effect, the dial holds the gaze making it one with the passage of time. A fusion of art and the mastery of a craft, beyond the technical feat, the creation is the result of a demanding process of development and a human adventure. A meeting between two worlds where a passion for excellence are on first-name terms with precision.
An Exceptional Watch, an Admirable Muse
To embody this collection, Hublot chose Bar Refaeli, a beauty with clear blue eyes, a sculpted body and a stunning smile whose philosophy of life echoes the values of the Big Bang Broderie collection. Glamorous on the red carpet, sensual on gloss paper, the superb super model’s private life is driven by nature and simplicity. Bright and positive. For her, elegance is a state of mind. Her essentials? Jeans, t-shirt, trainers, a leather jacket and her watch... a Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull!

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