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Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group proudly ranked among the Top 100 Arab Family Businesses for 2021
MAY 2021

According to a 2019 report issued by PwC, family businesses contribute 60% to the region's GDP, employ 80% of the total workforce, at a time about a trillion dollars has been passed on from generation to generation within family businesses in the Middle East over the past decade. . On the other hand, family companies in the region are distinguished by the diversification of the scope of their business in various sectors. Among the top 100 family companies this year, 87% of them are holding companies, including subsidiaries that operate in different fields in multiple geographical locations.

Chairperson: Ali Morad Behbehani

Rank: 18

Country: Kuwait
Sector: Diversified
Establishment: 1935

The Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group represents over 100 international brands in Kuwait through its subsidiaries and joint ventures. It also owns 5.4% of Gulf Bank, worth $119 million as of April 2021, and 37.9% of Ahli Bank of Kuwait, worth $415 million.

The family conglomerate mainly trades luxury watches, jewelry, luggage, travel accessories, surveying systems, audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, air-conditioning equipment, and telecommunications equipment. The group has helped introduce several key technology products to Kuwait, such as air-conditioning, radio, and TV broadcasting, among others.

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