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Rendez-Vous Ivy- The Eternal Beauty of Watchmaking
MAY 2015
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Rendez-Vous Collection draws its essence from a triptych that makes it so truly unique. Every watch thus achieves a marriage between classic aesthetics, a watchmaking heart equipped with one or more complications, and Métiers Rares® (Rare Handcrafts) which bring their own particular touch of grace. For its most recent creations, Jaeger-LeCoultre has chosen to explore the theme of ivy. Its presence opens the doors to an abundant world: that of a splendour that was formerly the exclusive preserve of monarchs and world leaders.
A Captivating Symbolism
With its leaves that never fade and its vigorous climbing creeper, it exudes a special vitality, making it the very embodiment of eternity in many cultures. Little by little, its hardiness has come to be associated with a kind of love that remains indestructible in the face of adversity. Unchanging, ivy transcends the ages with rare endurance.
During Antiquity, its fleshy leaf was the inspiration for representing the heart, that life-giving organ considered the seat of passion. It was used to plait crowns to circle the heads of athletes. In Rome, the same was done for scholars and learned men. An emblem of loyalty, fidelity as well as renown, ivy exerts a powerful attraction, as is reflected by its use as a decorative motif across all styles and eras.
Ivy Leaf, a Universal Ornament
The ivy motif is a firm favourite in the field of creative design. Its plantlife arabesques can be found the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages. Subsequently, it became a virtuoso frieze in the Baroque and Rococo periods. Later, it lent itself to the breathtaking style of the Victorian Era, decorating wallpaper in stylish homes lit by imposing Tiffany lamps. In goldsmithing, naturalist themes marked the heyday of Art Nouveau and ivy was very much part of this.
In Jaeger-LeCoultre’s heritage, the first known traces of this pattern date back to 1890, on a pocket watch with a crimson enamelled caseback, decorated with diamond-set ivy. Ivy bears magnificent testimony to opulence on royal tiaras. It flourishes with the passion for which it is well known in a profusion of precious stones. In 2008, it inspired the “Grande Maison” to create an extraordinary one-of-a-kind jewellery set, produced as a single piece, in which an amazingly lifelike ivy becomes a precious allegory of glamour.

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